A Season of Funerals and Memorials

2 September 2023, Westlake Golf Club
Palm Strings playing violin and guitar at a funeral in Westlake, Cape Town.

As winter is giving way to spring, albeit slowly in the Cape this year, Palm Strings has entered a new season in its history. Funerals and memorial services around Cape Town have brought relief from the usual busy travel schedule that takes us to the outer reaches of our province to entertain wedding guests at lush wine farms.

Perhaps we were not ready for this season of funerals and memorial services until now. The repertoire we’ve built over the decades has given us a rich store of musical emotions to call upon when the moment arises. For example, one dearly departed was lovingly remembered by his kin as being of somewhat insistent character. After the eulogy, we broke out Frank Sinatra’s My Way, much to the delight of the fawning guests who could warmly bask in the vivid memory of their beloved father, brother, uncle and friend.

Another time, a small memorial service at a Newlands house began as a somewhat tense and complicated affair, but ended a rip-roaring party—no doubt we had the songs on hand to make each of those unique moments.

If you should find yourself in this most unfortunate of situations, consider allowing Palm Strings to turn tragedy into triumph and making your memorial service or funeral a moment to remember.