• Christmas Day

    25 December 2019, Private House

    For three years, Palm Strings has been asked to play for a certain family in Cape Town on Christmas Day as part of their Christmas celebrations.  This is what the hostess had to say, "Just wanted to thank you both so very, very much for playing for us once again and for being so flexible…
  • Soirées – Le Creuset

    11 December 2019, Various Shopping Centres
    Le Creuset - music for all occasions

    Palm Strings have had some super gigs playing for Soirées at various shopping centres for LE Creuset . How wonderful to be associated with such a stunning brand! Music was traded for pots!  
  • Michael & Sunny

    29 October 2019, 12 Apostles

    October was a month for weddings at the 12 Apostles.  Michael and Sunny were married and attended by the most adorable page boy. The wedding was a small one but music was important to them and hence they hired the Palm Strings Trio.  
  • Kayla & Wiley

    24 October 2019, 12 Apostles

    Even rain can't stop Palm Strings from playing wedding music! The umbrella in the tree helped to hold off the drizzle.  Luckily it cleared so they could stay outside! It was an intimate wedding - and so lovely, as always, at the 12 Apostles!  
  • Vanessa Bayma Wedding

    5 October 2019, 12 Apostles

    What a lovely wedding!  The 12 Apostles provided a gorgeous venue and Palm Strings provided equally wonderful music.  
  • Wedding at Erinvale

    21 September 2019, Erinvale Golf Estate
    Erinvale Golf Estate

    The first wedding of the season was in the pouring rain at the Clubhouse at Erinvale Golf Estate - the wedding of Shelley Russell and Adam. Despite the rain the guests had a wonderful and so did Palm Strings! It was a reminder of how lucky they are to be playing music for a living.
  • Gaggenau Showroom

    14 September 2019, Gaggenau Showroom
    Gaggenau Showroom

    Palm Strings played at the welcoming of guests to the launch of a new Gaggenau fridge in Bree Street at the very beautiful Gaggenau/Siemens/Bosch showroom. Titia rather likes being associated with ‘top of the range’ products!
  • Rovos Rail

    1 September 2019, Rovos Rail
    Rovos Rail

    Palm Strings played at Rovos Rail once again. They first played here on platform 21 at Cape Town station approximately 25 years ago! It all started when Titia received a call from Joy Strydom who has been working for Rohan Vos ever since he began this incredible family business. A few years of playing on…
  • When bad things happen to good musicians

    30 August 2019, Silvermine
    Joanna Maryland Photography - - the ‘Blessing’ of Lesley & Jon Moretons’ daughter

    From time to time something dreadful happens! Like an injury! Titia went running in Silvermine (even musicians need to keep fit) and fell on a rock and dislocated the middle two fingers of her left hand. Her first thought was to get to Constantiaberg Hospital ASAP to get them put back in so she could…
  • Interview at Hudson’s

    1 August 2019, Hudson's
    Interview at Hudson's Wedding Venue - Restaurant

    Below is a snippet of the interview held with Palm Strings at Hudson's Restaurant. Find the full interview on their website. "Nothing creates an electric atmosphere at a wedding like excellent live music! We got in touch with violinist and founder of Palm Strings, Titia Blake, and asked her to tell us all about their…