When bad things happen to good musicians

30 August 2019, Silvermine
Joanna Maryland Photography - - the ‘Blessing’ of Lesley & Jon Moretons’ daughter

From time to time something dreadful happens! Like an injury! Titia went running in Silvermine (even musicians need to keep fit) and fell on a rock and dislocated the middle two fingers of her left hand. Her first thought was to get to Constantiaberg Hospital ASAP to get them put back in so she could play her upcoming gig. The doctor, however, made it quite clear that she was out of commission for a while at least. Now, it is not that easy to find a replacement. When Mike and Titia play together they are very much in sync with each other. It is not always a simple matter to play with someone you are not used to. To add to the problems, there was an opera being rehearsed at the Baxter at the time so the two ladies with whom Mike has worked before were not available. Luckily there was a flautist who could jump in. The gig went well but Titia was sad to have missed it!