A wedding at La Residence

20 October 2017, La Residence

Palm Strings recently played for a wonderful wedding at La Residence. It was a smallish wedding of about 21 guests and the bride is a personal friend of Barrack Obama!

The bride wanted to sing herself down the aisle. Mike went to her hotel to rehearse with her in secret because this was a surprise for her groom.

The wedding organizer on the day gave Titia and Mike up-to-the-second instructions of walking in, which they always try to resist because it never happens according to plan. Well, this one, of course, couldn’t! The bride was so very emotional that she didn’t start singing for the longest time so the duo had to wing a long introduction until she was ready – definitely one for experienced professionals only!

But that isn’t all. There were FOUR sound engineers flown from Johannesburg with all their equipment – which malfunctioned ( due to a power issue) as soon as the minister opened his mouth!

It was a beautiful day in the end. All went well but it was one where Palm Strings felt they had to work for their money and really deserved to put their feet up afterwards!